Wednesday, July 05, 2006

trapped in poland... there's no way out

now that there aren't any jews left, we're a very jewish-tolerant society...

damn po-landers

Sunday, June 11, 2006

why dont you lead the mother fucking pride parade?

why dont you lead the mother fucking pride parade?
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... with holly near or britney spears...

and then there was today at the pride parade in dc with michelle and rori - where a man can FINALLY wear white linen pants, man-sandals and 50 proof sun block

but WHERE was the parasolle stand? it turns out it was only around on saturday... lesson learned. aside from that there were other interesting occurances that will have to wait for another day to tell because:

1) im moving on thursday/saturday!
2) beach trip!
3) check amongst yourselves... marquesses!

madison goddard

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(from below)...

and then i went from the incubator (aka katia) to live births! my good friend mels finally threw in the 'im not having the baby' towel and had the baby - and it was by far the cutest thing/child EVER.

i was lucky enough to get to hold her four hours after she came out the oven... i didn't really get that whole new baby smell thing - but we all know that my sense of smell was almost destroyed during the second coming of jesus...

she did however, make really cute noises, hold her arms by her face and have skin you would spend 700,000 dollars of product on to obtain. sigh.

raleigh, rachael ray, and mamma dips

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So! ive made a big life decision! im going to stop appologizing for not keeping this up to date... im a buzy man and i have to take off another 78 pounds before prom.

meanwhile there have been quite a few happenings going on... like...

spring break 2006 - raleigh!

it was fabulous, i saw hicks and a bobcat.... and... um. momma dips as featured on rachael ray? indeed! anyway i did get to see all the gang from college (the good college) and had a generally fabulous time.

alright, on to the next slide...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*shakes head*

No british people. No.

Monday, June 05, 2006


i know, i know - ive been negligent on my posting but before i go writing a real entry i give you the gift of song.

meanwhile, whether it be a drunken anglo-saxon boo or a drunken gallic beurgh (PS totally love you brits) we can all agree that the torch of historiography has been passed to america and we will not disappoint...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

oh it's ON now...

fuck you, you snooty little frog-leg eating surrender monkeys - the only reason you hate it is because we stole your hitherto unpopular historical figure and made her fabulous and you WISH you thought of it first!

and you know what? the MINUTE you actually produce ONE movie the world actually wants to watch, you can have an oppinion on our movies - im not kidding, you're one tuc over the line on this one...

adventures of felix my arse...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

just like linda says...

it's like they (tv show writers) know what we want and they just give it to us.

so i was thinking about just how good tv is the other day and the nature of the addiction... was tv always this good? was i always so addicted?

the answer is undoubtedly yes - but is it really such a bad thing? dont be so stupid, stupid!

shows like Jem and the holograms, fraggle rock, and thundercats instilled us with the social values and mores and shepparded us through out formative years. Not to be outdone, superbe programing like whos the boss? charles in charge, and blossom provided a stern warning of anti-social behavior (its a british phrase that basically means doing drugs, being pregnant, listening to rap music, etc) while educating us on basic social etiquette. As teenagers, naturally, it was the Grind that captured our attention.

but what about now? its funny how certain tv shows are hallmarks of life eras. will i ever see seventh heaven again without thinking of it in french? or see an episode of dr who and not think of a rainy english afternoon spent trying to avoid thesis writing? and the price is right defines my undergraduate degree.

point being, yes i may spend some time shoving craisans in my face watching tiara girls, little people, big world, big love, seinfeld, top chef, americas next top model, the real world and any show on the food network - especially those about catering a wedding - but on the eve of adulthood, it is the nanny and golden girls that will see me to my mid-twenties and beyond...