Thursday, September 30, 2004

gentlemen prefer art historians

Sooooooo, with much help from my brother and his massive computer using abilities, i think its time to spruce things up around here...

also, allow me to provide you with yet another fabulous matt story (those of you metzians will especially appreciate this one... akin to famous outdoor "KETCHUP" tails...

so i just bought a fancy new laptop computer to take to l'angleterre with me and decided to test out its wireless internet capabilities by taking it over to lindas house to use their wireless land o' wonderment. but alas, no dice.

after twenty some odd minutes of playing with the computer, offering it small trinkets of affection and snackrificing several lambs to get it to work, her father informed us that the is A MANUAL SWITCH underneath the laptop which you have to switch on to make it work.

A PHYSICAL SWITCH. whats next, a rotary dial?

meanwhile, ill get you computer designers... ill get you something good.


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