Tuesday, October 26, 2004

stumble in my footsteps...

Good news everybody!!!

well, nothing special actually, just basic, standard, lie on your back, close your eyes and think of england stuff.... do you KNOW how much fun it is here?

no? well let me help... it is!!! its really bizarre when a dream comes true, but also very difficult. par example... the reading i have to do for my MA is out of this world, on the other hand on a daily basis i meet people who i can have a highly indepth debate about symolic animal images in medieval illuminated manuscripts (10 points to anyone who can tranlate what i just said into english)... and also people that can have hour long debates about beyonce videos and christina applegate movies (no offence janna/ total snaps to those that can do both)... i heart england.

meanwhile, im very much concerned for my brother and his fiancee living in a land on the brink of revolt (literally) and bush getting another 4 year mandate to (d)rule (in surpisingly not the same place).

needless to say, i have great interest in the upcoming election... good thing my vote "doesn't matter"!!! if only england was a swing state!

gooooooooooooood thing we got rid of the queen so we can live in a full functioning democracy...

just ask anyone in DC!!!


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