Saturday, November 27, 2004

bring in the work, bring in the funk...

OY... well now that the week of thanksgiving is over the crazy amount of work begins... which basically revolves around me doing fabulously on this one paper (perception of jews in anglo-saxon england as shown in early illuminated manuscripts), which has to tie into what im doing my dissertation on (eh?), which ive been told to figure out because all the paperwork due for my phd application is due by the end of janurary... eep!

so anyway, why the pressure you say? well my dear, whenever there is a question... money is the answer... the more fabulously things align, the more fabulous i look... the better my chances are of getting free money. again oy.

speaking of oy... im formulating a plan, goes a little something like this:

paper one: jews + illuminated manuscripts
paper two: iconoclasm in the rhineland
paper three: saucy religious art work in the middlage ages (hey, even i get a freeby)
dissertation: eh?

phd: acts of iconoclasm against jewish art & architecture during the reformation in the rhineland.

that works, right? eh... ive got to learn hebrew.

meanwhile, ill work from there... a lot. eh.


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