Friday, November 12, 2004

god save the queen, you know what i mean?

what news have i of the yorkshire season? its getting cold... not ukraine cold, but cold and widy. and there is increasingly no sun. i know, i know youre saying "matt, there wasnt any sun to begin with," which is partially true. there WAS sun it was just obstructed by gray (which i LOVE). but now the sun decided to rise around 1030 and set around 330, which leads me to believe those partaking in ramadan in extreme northern europe are cheating like no tomorrow. seriously, 6ish hours of light? im in heaven.

meanwhile focus is being shifted towards my paper due at the end of this term, which i believe will focus on something like jewish imagry in anglo-saxon/celtic illuminated manuscripts, which is a play off of what i gave my presentation on last week (st. matthew page vs. ezra page).

also attention is being drawn towards dissertation topic, and points beyond, which is a bit stressful but plesently so!

the wowi waffleson visitation goes well and we have YET another trip to durham on tuesday, this one, however, being school oriented.

as a special shout out to my home-girl katia... come tuesday let us both dance in our respective durhams!!! ... and contemplate who is better off: coaltown central or high southern culture on the skids...


ive been holding these up my sleeve for too long:

i've never been prouder to be in the UK:

routy kinsmen:

seriously, this is what i study....


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