Monday, November 22, 2004

happy thanksgiving!!!

this is the point where pictures would help make the blog... but no use crying over spilt something something...

anyway, thanksgiving went fabulously if i do say so myself... 11 people showed up, including myself and were fed by an 18 pound bird and various assorted sides... sweet potato suffle, mashed potatos, sausage stuffing...

it was excellent, and my first thanksgiving put on in a foreign land that was done basically on my own (though i did have a lot of chopping help in the kitchen). meanwhile, i kept looking back to thanksgiving three years ago and saying (ok, katia was able to cook a bird, you can do it too... DAMN, should have been paying more attention.

but what else is new? meanwhile, i am whole heartedly impressed with myself and will remain smug at least until on thursday when i go to kfc and binge.

we all saw it coming...

speaking of:

oh you! pope-y!


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