Monday, November 01, 2004

lets cuthbert things up a bit...

backed by popular demand, general witticisms and merriment will take a back seat to actual content (i suggest you buckle up)...

yes, last saturday i did indeed have a mini-break to the North Sea town of Scarborough... which worked out REALLY well... fish and chips on the beach, EXCELLENT 30 min of sunlight while on the bluff (containing roman and medieval fortress ruins atop) illuminating seaside, town and all the rest. also stop-over to pay homage (throw up gang signs) at Anne Broentes grave.

life in england goes unexpectedly well... health-wise i can breathe better every day, slimming down with all the walking/gym, fully adjusted to timezone (after daylight savings, sun rises at 8ish, sets at 3ish)... total blingin with cod liver pills... spoon full of sugar...

school = reading like a burning... have to give a presentation on the St. Matthew page of the Lindisfarne Gospels in comparison to the Ezra Page of the Codex Amiatinus (50 points if anyone can tell me what i just said) next Monday. Have all day conference to attend on Wednesday on 18th century british art (who cares...)

on the fun front... the fabulous ms. deepa and boyfriend payed me a visit yesterday and had the pleasure of showing them my new adopted home! Tomorrow, im going up to Durham to examine fabulous pieces of art and cathedral in general. This friday is guy fawkes day (bon fire night!!!) and have party to attend, where (instead of having hotdogs from a can soaked in brine... ewwwwwwwwwwwww) i will be making ham burgers and blowing up effigies of guy fawkes and the pope respectively.

damn the man, save the empire!


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