Friday, November 19, 2004

shiny buckles galore!

let the weekend of thanksgiving reign supreme!!!

aka this is my third thanksgiving away from my family (well, second really... ALTHOUGH a NICE double whammy thanksgiving was given at 509 Clay Lane) and alls looking well (touch wood).

After last years McD's adventure, the 18 pound turkey in the fridge, solid black pilgrim getup, and order for a second table to be placed in my kitchen are all signs that this is going to be the best self sponcered thanksgiving yet!

unlike the last few thanksgiving, this one will contain largely observes watching the american gospel be spread back to the land that 400 years ago a group of highly disgruntled, poorly dressed, iconoclatic religious fundamentalist pariahs pseudo left for a second time.

updates will follow... now, i have to start dethawing the bird!!! (also, converting metric temperature).



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