Tuesday, November 23, 2004

talking 'bout a revolution sounds... like a whisper

so, with thanksgiving over (though poised to begin again, kfc form) i will turn to events going on in the east and point you all to my brothers blog, who has fled the country fo reasons not-relating to events occuring in kiev at this point in time.

its funny because all the european news i hear (which, living in europe is quite a lot) is basically pointing to the advent of a civil war and the creation of a western ukraine and eastern ukraine... much like west virginia and virginia classic... both of which suck. which is kind of the other feelingi get from the european press, but they are looking for people to joing their 'we love europe and all things resembling europe' campaign.

meanwhile most of you may not know whats going on, so, with my two years as a poli sci major behind me let me break the beat down for you:

they had elections in ukraine in october and, basically, no one won and the president's pick for new president cheated a lot to gain power. so they had to have a second election where the president's pick cheated even more (dead people voting, etc) and won by not so much. also the presidents pick = russia lover while the other guy is a total eurowhore.... and everyone (kind of ) loves the euro whore because no one likes russia and the cold war. in conclusion, its a real good time not to be living or visiting ukraine.

also, for no reasons, cossacks... but we all hate them anyway.

in greener and westerner pastures... the queen delievered a speech today (never seen so much gold in my life) about what legislation "her government" should work on over the next academic (no wait, scratch that - governmental) year... it was amusing because she used very vague terms for everything and i was mainly distracted by the amount of gold and shiny colours that were all about...

but in the end isnt that what monarchy is all about?

...and vegas.


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