Friday, December 03, 2004

good mornin' good mornin' 2 u!

alright, i was falling out of the writting frequently, but much like whoopy, im back in the habit.

so, subject of conversation... um... huh? well not much else cooks besides research, but isnt that a tune that we are going to be hearing a lot over the next, well, ever...

my phd proposal is forming itself... im not pleased with it though. my spervisors are telling me that i need to be more confident, more full of myself... and well, you guys know me... if there is something that i am not lacking it is confidence and being full of myself. PLUS these are brits telling me this... humph.

anyway, next week im making a pilgrimage to Leeds to jew things up significantly... have to get in touch with a rabbi and the jewish department of studies at the university there. evidently if im going to continue on with iconoclasm and propoganda in the jewish rhineland, i need to bring in the noise, bring in the funk. again, humph.

other paper being due soon too. what is this, penn state??!?! well, at least at PSU the library catalogue was up 24 hours a day... and the library was open too. just like katia said... i miss you psu. (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - no one heard that).

OK, weekend of work... may give you some social fabulousness later... have christmas concert to go to tomorrow. thats social right?


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