Friday, December 10, 2004

silly english, tricks are for kids...

OK, as you all know i am a big fan of england and hold a rather... precarious... opinion of the states.

but this is one matter i cant help but feel a smidge of nationalist pride when i hear news about a particular issue causing political and social agita: fox hunting.

i know, i know what youre saying: "fox hunting? what is this mary poppins???" well, it might as well be. last year the scotish parliment banned people from fox hunting and after MUCH protest (for not banning fox hunting) the english and welsh parliments have also banned it, starting in february.

whats the big deal you say?

well, i too thought fox hunting was something cute and innocent like something in mary poppins, HOWEVER, i have since learned that fox hunting secretly means staunchy brits on horseback with a pack of 20some dogs ride around the country until the dogs find foxes and, quite literally, rip them to shreds.

huh. evidently, most brits seem to think this is a stupid idea (rightfully so) but there is a large contingent of brits (mostly rural and/or rich/ and or royal) which think it is a vital need, otherwise the fox population will go crazy and in 10 to 20 years, they will sit on the throne.

seriously guys, if anyone understands a society's obsession with hunting it is i, after living in the middle of PA for 3 years (note: school students get the first day of each hunting season off). HOWEVER, the people in PA would go hunting and eat the deer, duck, etc they kill. the brits dont even eat the fox (why would you?). so three cheers for america!

they (brits) also argue that the fox pray on their hens and other various farm animals.

seriously though, there is a family of foxes that live at the end of my street in the states. Saw them all the time when driving home at night. they would be in the street, see me coming, move and go about their business. And i never heard of anyones cat being eaten, or child, etc. so seriously, if american farmers/ranchers can cohabitate with wolves, bears and coyotes (and unhappily so) and somehow not form a stupid ritual to kill them... i think the brits can suck this one up.

you classist mother (shut yo mouth!)s.

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At 4:52 PM, Blogger MPC said...

Do you think the guys I saw driving north of Gettysburg about 5 years ago with a dead bear strapped to the hood of their truck were planning on eating it?

At 6:36 AM, Blogger The Good Mr. M____ of F____ said...

fair enough... however, bears = slightly dangerous animals... foxes... not so threatening.


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