Sunday, January 30, 2005

if nothing else, its an interesting life i lead...

sadly enough, the past week saw the unwelcomed end of a relationship for me which was and is still very much hard to bear - but forever onwards and upwards i suppose... meh...

and what better way of doing it than going to the states for my brothers wedding!!! texas, here i come... but thats not all!!!

also doing a jew/art/jewish art trip to NYC for my own personal valentines day - but in addition to NYC fun i have just been asked to speak at a high school in NJ about gay issues in high school and to field questions, etc while im there... to which i said... color me bad!

but wait... theres more!

this week is booked back to back with appts with professors in a newly forming department that has the potential to give me a substancial sum of money for my phd and ive got to do some good ole fashion social mingling to make it all happen...

but wait, theres more!!!

more? yes, much more!

but i shouldnt waste my time with it... so no more sentences... just random assortment of words!!!: coffee with random queer cinema guy, career meeting tomorrow, sculpture talk by supervisor, purple monkey dishwasher, et al.

anyway, im tired and need to keep busy for keeping busy's sake. eh.

and oy.


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