Sunday, February 06, 2005

life in a northern town...

well kiddies, its finally time to report that i am going out of my mind...

mainly, grad school is secretly junior high school all over again... except middle school was never so crazy... its funny because lately ive been saying 'this is the smallest town ive ever lived in' but is there any truth in this?

170,000 people live in york
127,000 people live in metz
135,000 people live in state college
1,000,000 people live in fairfax county (21,000 in Herndon)

so techincally this is the largest place ive ever lived. huh??? aside from the student body here though, the town is completely void of people in their 20s... and why wouldnt it be? in a word, leeds. crazy population center.

meanwhile, in many ways it is the smallest community ive lived in... at penn state it was a chorus of people from various background studying various things... york = not so much, seems like every department is in itself.

well anyway, so... um. yeah. dont really know now, i know things are crazy because of the whole breaking up business, but its only fueled the gossip fire, which is about as much fun for me as a bullet through the hand (im not that morbid!) but enough is enough. ive just got to step back for a while, thank god for the states... meanwhile, im still very much wanting to do my phd, just very uncertain about where...

nezt year in Jerusalem? NYC? Paris? Strasbourg? Rhineland? DC? lets just say im expanding myself a bit...

i need a little anonymity, a little distance... and as far as ive seen, im not sure if york can provide that - among other things.



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