Monday, February 28, 2005

get hot for teach-ah!!!

get hot for teach-ah!!!
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well kids, its time for a long update indeed... afterall things are afoot and ive come to conclusionville, population: yo.

First off major events upcoming:

- trip to London and Oxford for museuming, old friends, general culture and furthering of research

- then CRAZY work on essays... which are:

1) Me talkin' 'bout whether or not the setting of Matthias Gruenewald's annunciation in his Isenheim Altarpiece is secretly a synagogue


2) the homosexual undertones of Albrecht Duerer's "Bathhouse" engraving

jews and gays? yeah... itll be a fabulous as i am.

- after that a VISITATION!!! by none other than the fabulous Ms. Linda E-Z-roller!!! fo schizzel! a week of fabulousness is afoot and we will party hardcore like rock stars on a limited budget...

- then to the continent!!! to do what? meet with the wonderful ms wowi wolwthoferson in zurich for an ani difranco concert then the following: basel, colmar, geneva and lyon!

- then to gay paris (hold the key to his heart!) to see culture at its finest, good old friends and a certain frenchman that featured prominently last year. seriously, im very much looking forward to the continent!!!

after that... back to york to do some dissertation work but summer plans? ireland on the horrizon... aint no shame...

meanwhile, its time to GET HOT (fo teach-ah) and get psychotically industrious. sigh. we all knew this day would come...


1) a quiter never wins

2) dont trust whitie.

but after all that jazz? hard to tell... but i may keep the York. and add a New! ooooh child things are gonna get easier...


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