Sunday, March 13, 2005

shannen doherty hates leeds...

or so said some massive grafitti in leeds, sadly, i did not have my camera...

but why was in leeds you ask? celebration!!! of what? phd placement offer!!! YAY!

i found out yesterday morning that despite the low number of places for phd candidates for next year - i have been been offered one at the university of york!!! i was/am very excited - thus i blew the popcorn stand that is old york and headed for gay leeds with a friend. was a very good time indeed.

so what now? i know all of you are saying... "matthew, i thought you were headed back to the states... nyc???"

yeah, yeah... those plans havent changed much and the real big deadline is when i hear about funding and such which should go down sometime in june. anyway, total fabulousness!!! and its spring!!! well, above 50 and sunny... which is good enough for me!


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