Sunday, April 24, 2005

baruch ata adonai...

Happy Passover everyone!

or as the french like to call it... jewish easter! damn french, get ya collective head right!

anyway, very much under the gun to get essays out of the way... so im afraid all you of will have to be left in the lerch...

whats happening with matt?!?! you'll all say...
whats the news from england??! you'll enquire...

well... i bet you cant wait for me to finish my essays!!!

ill leave you with this golden nugget from alyssa:

Re: Benedict:

“But while his deep reading and thinking in theology, philosophy, and history were fundamental to development as a theologian, it was the protests of student radicals at Tübingen University - in which he saw an echo of the Nazi totalitarianism he loathed - that seem to have pushed him definitively toward deep conservatism and insistence on unquestioned obedience to the authority of Rome.”

So… totalitarianism = bad
Unquestioned obedience to authority = good?

Student protests (dissension) = Nazism?


speaking of... aint nobody going to put on a triple crown, claim hes infallible and talks shit about something he doesnt know anything about...

get tcha head right papey...


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