Wednesday, May 18, 2005

its springtime for yorkshire and germany...

more ducklings
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sooo (jewishly)

i have news!!! (even more jewishly)...

had a really good date last night with a real live ashkenazi (latvian) jew! oh yes... its come full circle on m' sader plate. especially because who did i run into on monday for the first time in months? oy.

total surprise attack in boarders while i was checking out. buy my book - turn around and *bam* instant hatred. HOWEVER - i was lookin spankin' fresh and had a friend in toe - and you dont mess with harlem. or a scorned virginian. so a good date was just what i needed to clear the blood.

PLUS (jewishly) rematch on friday - which we all know is the second holiest day in the dating week.

oh destiny's child - hear my sabbath prayer.

meanwhile: i heart american tv


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