Tuesday, May 24, 2005

now its like murder she wrote...

confession time!

forgive me father for i have sinned, it has been... ummmm... i dont know like 10-12 years? since my last confession.

as a perpetual student, i have made it a point in my life to always make time in my busy schedule (shut up) and watch murder she wrote. even last year in france they had it every day at 3:45... in french. since i know the plots like the back of my hand... it actually helped me to learn french.

meanwhile, its on everyday here at 2:30 and i rarely miss an episode. its really cool too (shut up) because its like a embriotic law and order when it comes to 'whos who' as future actors. for example: Cynthia Nixon (miranda) from Sex and the City was on last week and now none other than lea tompson (caroline) from the SMASHINGLY successful prime time tv show Caroline in the City (who knew it was still on?) is on today.

but after several years of watching this i have several unaswered questions... can ANYONE riddle me this:

1) why is Jessica Fletcher not regarded as the archangel of death? everywhere she goes, someone seems to get knocked off... would make me think twice about going to a fletcher family wedding.

2) how is it that despite her lack of a husband or living in a town with more than 5,000 people (cabot cove, OR the real life town of Mendocino, CA)... she seems to have a huge family - and cast of friends who are spread internationally?

3) despite her lack of police credentals, she is frequently invited to help out in murder investigations?

4) does anyone know what the hell r kellys talking about?

cheesy line:

well i guess THIS mystery is one for the Jessica herself!

... lawd... no one comment on this post.


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous linda aka jiggawhat? said...

stylistically this entry is way out of character... a point by point analysis of murder she wrote? nice try with the r kelly thing... but you can't fool me! something is up! could it be murder?

At 8:30 PM, Blogger The Good Mr. M____ of F____ said...

i wish! and why do you have to know me better than i know myself?!?!?!

yes, somethings up... im feeling angsty. waiting for a rejection to come through.



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