Saturday, June 18, 2005

com' on lorraine! move your bloomin' arse!

com' on lorraine!
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Alright kids - i am offically back and black and a total threat to the net. also: im a rhyming machine.

Anyway - since my virus a lot has happened. i went to edinburgh to see jules, had a day trip to whitby (seaside), extended time in leeds with the lovely deepa and donna duo - and then there was today. things go well with red (JEWY!!!) - though currently on the flip side of the curtain d'iron.

i woke up this morning and and said to myself, im going to The Royal Ascot!

and i did. this is the first time in something like 300 years that Ascot has moved from its home in barkshire - or something down south (who cares) and it came to york! yay! as we all know, my love of ascot stems entirely from My Fair Lady. and the real live totally lived up to expectations. fabulous hats, total class division - 90 degree heat, it was fabulous!

plus i got to see the queen!!!

what was especially funny was that the turn out wasnt as high as they expected because the rich southerners didnt want to come up north. why? because they are affraid of northerners (im totally serious.)

also, the news here was interviewing locals about what they thought of the races. the lord mayor of york (yeah, yeah i know its funny) said he thought it was a wonderful occasion because people dont have many opportunities outside of weddings and christenings (meh?) to wear hats. and wearing hats is wonderful.

too true lord mayor. but in 90 degree heat... not so smart.

so anyway - i posted a lot of pics from my various trips on flickr (click on the pictures on the right people!). ill put some posts up soon with fabulous commentary.

in all of this royal pageantry and southern drunken yobbery - i totally missed this. which i would have liked to make a scene at... breaking down the race barrier he maybe - but the mans a horrible homophobic something else that starts with H.

ps. i put a bet on the winning horse today. what was my tip off? the ridder wore a shirt with the cross of lorraine on it. oh yes, i rock.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger MPC said...

Seriously dude, why don't you just move to vegas? Lucky SOB...


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