Sunday, June 26, 2005

just another day out on the beach...

just another day out on the beach...
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So much news i could fill a BUCKET! well not really... but thought i would post this picture of me on the beach at whitby. went there a few weeks ago when my computer was malade...

whats truely truely truely outrageous about all this is the yellow castle bucket is almost identical to the one i had when i was a child at the beach in england. i SUSPECT that after this my parents will rummage around and find the retro picture of me with said same bucket and send it over so i can blog that too. but one can only hope.

meanwhile its been nothing but dinner parties, bbqs and garden parties... that and my new reading that has nothing to do with art history. and it is a PLEASURE - but a little heavy on the philosophical side. still hot.

speaking of... vlad gets back from eastern parts soon, i actually got a tan from being in the sun today and ummmm... thats about it from planet york... BUT:



straight up like a perm ya he'rd.

ps: AINT noBADY!


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