Friday, July 22, 2005

british american gothic

british american gothic
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no updates cause im busy doing other things... like freaking out about my dissertation

HOWEVER i took a break this week because family came to town! mike and christa swung by for a few days, which was wonderful!

loads of touristy things which i never really get to do - like some ghost tours and such... and feautred above is the secret catholic church of st. mary bar convent. during the reformation when catholics were being burned alive they built the church featured above on the second floor of an apartment building.

no one will know! but the BEST part of the church was the priest hole. aka 16th century underground railroad for priests. WHICH ive been looking for since november!

anyway, it was great having them here and next monday im off to see them in kiev! then to nuremberg, regensburg and prague - i am TOTALLY hot for this.


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