Tuesday, July 12, 2005

idiots. all of them, idiots.

much to report, on this, the eve of matt's birthday eve.

so for the past week or so ive been trying to obtain a visa to visit my brother in Ukraine with mixed results. why mixed results? because red taping from a previously red country is just about as bad as it was when i was in france. no worse.

SO... i need a visa to go to ukraine - but after applying for one, the embassy in london told me i didnt need one! good news, considering it costs 120 bucks. evidently, there was a decree stating either:

1) americans dont need visas!
2) americans dont need visas after more than one trip!

huh? yeah... the embassy wont issue me a visa because i dont need one even though ive never been to ukraine. and at this rate i may never be! im sure it will all work out ok as theyre ttttthis close to EU membership. hahahahahahahaha but seriously.

other events that have directly effected my life are this and this.

why? leeds is about 15 minutes west of me.

AND "York University's Center Hall" (featured above) is about a three minute walk from my place and where i will be gratuating from. the result of this: the campus has been SWARMING with clergy, which probably explains the headaches ive been having... too much concentrated jesus - but seriously... this is a situation where algican priests are threatening to leave and become catholic? because they dont have women as priests/bishops and is a generally well respected institution??? again.... hahahahahahaha.

has the world gone stupid? yes.

you think you matter luxembourg? your existance is LAUGHABLE and quite frankly, i would live in delaware than spend 10 minutes in your boarder.


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