Thursday, July 28, 2005

im trapped in a gog...

interior hesid gog
Originally uploaded by mwc134.

so today i had a jew tour of kiev... which was really awesome. featured above is the only continuously functioning gog in kiev. the other one on my flikr site was turned into a puppet theater by the soviets. awesome.

anyway, the gogs were GEORGOUS - especially compared with the other buildings ive seen around kiev. good lighting, air conditioning, freshly painted... why you ask? american orthodox jews paid for it. hmmmm.

speaking of, i had a fabulous local tour guide - sasha - who showed me all the secret ins and outs. funny thing, shes not really down with the orthodox - but has never heard of reform jews and were surprised that they consisted of the majority of jews in the states, and for that matter, the world.

to which i say, good job orthodox! --- squints eyes ---

anyway, had an awesome trip around town - definately check out the pictures. more tomorrow if im not lazy.


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