Tuesday, July 26, 2005

live from kiev...

people often ask me to comment on such issues as this.

and we ALL know that by "people" i mean no one.

and we ALL know that im never one to step down when it comes to social/theological commentary on the church... even if its one of the more crazy churches.

and we ALL know i love it when the church tries to apply logic to something it knows nothing about. and this time, its the love that dare not speak its name.

so, here's my take:

1) anglicans, i think, are perhaps most full of it. their whole religion was based on someone wanting to get with someone else and starting their own religion because marriage got in the way. its REALLY hard to talk hard if thats where youre coming from. but they still do.

2) marriage in canada IS legal, and canada is largely anglican... so does that make it ok there?

3) WHY does no one else see gay christians marrying as the PERFECT opportunity for a REAL virgin birth? i mean... it would at least be something you really cant fake?

SO - in conclusions christians, whats the deal with finding jesus? shouldnt he find you? im confused...


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