Friday, July 29, 2005

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lavras main church (again)
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look at me - keeping my promise and posting today!

first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! as they say in kiev, its a nice day for a red birthday...

to celebrate, i went to the lavra - the largest monastery in ukraine, founded in the 11th century. the best part... monk mummies! yup! you waled into underground caves and saw various slavs in funny hats preserved for future slavs to kiss their glass coffins. awesome.

also (check out my recently posted pics) i visited something called the "iron maiden" which is about the size of the statue of liberty and as shiny as silver. she was built to commemorate kicking some nazi ass. underneath her was a huge war museum... which looked excellent but everything was in russia... aka = ??? could read the nazi stuff though... i dont kow if thats a good thing. stupid nazis.

also - went to a local supermarket (note the soviet vodka and the "geisha" chocolate) and had really excellent ukrainian food in the form of perogies. mmmmmm. also went to an jawesome USSR (CCCP) nostaligia restaurant... kind of akin to the 80s diner in back to the future.

things i learned today:

1) communists lied to everyone even though everyone knew they were lying.

2) ukrainians put dill in EVERYTHING

3) contrary to popular belief, ukraine is HOT.

so check out my pics and ill give you some more love from the east.


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