Saturday, September 03, 2005

back to life... back to reality

Simon of Trent's "Martyrdom"
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straight up like a perm, ya herd.

just had a revelation about the dissertation that brought what im writing about back out of academia and into the hearts and minds of reality...

above is another image im writing about which was made about 20 years before the synagogue etchings....

and ive been writing and analyzing this damn thing for so damn long - avoiding the one question every self respecting person needs to ask.

why does it exist?

a few weeks ago my father said something to me about my studies... granted it was filled with totally inappropriate language (DAD) but it couldnt have been more on the money.

this print (and more or less every other one i study) exists to validate the HORRIBLE things christians were doing to jews circa... 1500.

lets do a little role playing, shall we?

xians: "you kill out children, we'll torture you, steal your children, baptize them, burn you alive, throw the ones we dont burn out of our city and burn down your town and build a church on top of it... just to prove we're right about something we dont really follow that strictly"

jews: "eh?... what is?"

xians: "then how do you explain THIS! (presents print above)

wash, rinse and repeat for 500 years and we've got ourselves a civilization! afterall, you cant kill someone en masse without de-humanizing them first...



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