Sunday, October 23, 2005

save it for the cross burning, Adolf...

ahhhh Virginia, land where they would shoot liberals execution-style if northerns werent watching...

anyway, since were coming up on an election in early november, the entire north of the state (who cares about the south?) is blanketed with posters, signs and tv commericals for kilgore and kaine - both of whom are the anti-christ. now i know what youre saying - "but matt, there can only be one anti-christ" yes i know children, so one can be the pope and the other can be the head of the republican party.

when moving back to the states, i was at first excited because i FINALLY get to throw my two cents in - but upon checking the candidates i cant help but feel no matter what happens, we're going to be one step closer to someone legally killing me.

As we all know, republicans are the physical embodyment of evil (eat babies, etc) and i have a strick policy of voting for the candidate that wouldnt kick me in the mouth. which leaves us with the democrat: kaine. trouble is kaine is also evil.

how can you really tell? well the tv commercials where he blasts kilgore (the republican) for not enforcing the death penality enough. seriously, i cant make this up. as a bleeding heart, im not big on capital pnishment, but this is just nuts.

but where are they on the issues?

gay marriage - kilgore (no) / kaine (no)
abortion - kilgore (no) / kaine (no)
death penality - kilgore (no) / kaine (no)
killing eveyone - kilgore (yes!) / kaine (yes?)

is there any hope?

yes! the last bastion of the north, (and judaism) Maryland. pack your bags and part the potomac holy Moses - im outta here like richard gere...


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At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you idiot.. virginia isn't like that.. have you actually lived there? i have lived there my whole life and never seen any KKK members or very much more racism than usual.. get the facts straight and stop making assumptions.

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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