Monday, October 10, 2005

southern decadence

well, we all knew it was coming... or just perhaps linda - but the return to the states has fostered a long awaited neurotic overload, possibly years in the making. what does this mean? shutup! but it means that starting out this new year, things are going to be a little different... how you ask? i already feel this blog is getting too douchy to publish - but as we all know, all my work is naturally publishable by its very being.

meanwhile i went to (gay day) at ikea today and picked up a load of furniture for my room and have been assembling it to the best of my swedish abilities... also went to see a early modern print exhibition downtown and generally absorb DC. also saw sarah j... other than that, and the freak-out session linda kept on the low... i can honestly say its really good to be back home -

and now on to the rough parts...


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