Saturday, November 05, 2005

knock on the doors in america...

So, children of the mildly neglected corn (what can i say, i have a job now - that blocks my blog from its web access - so you know its good)... its time for another five minutes of hate.

we all know ever since i got back from england - in like 1987 - ive done nothing but be america's number one fan, you know, big time. don't get me wrong, in a country that hates me - can you ever fit in? yes; hate everyone. But while im hating everyone (or at least the stupid, ugly and fat ones) i cant help but forget my time in europe and the collective bitches there who hate me.

"what the hell are you talking about?" you're asking (as usual).

well, this time let me break it down:

not only are you bitches racist pigs, you're hypocritical about it too. also, shut up. over generalized? you bet! but during huricane katrina and its aftermath - was there any sympathy from europe? no. what did all the european news coverage say? Well, they took this very special moment in time to point out how america is still a very deeply racist society and the inequalities here are like nowhere in the world.

ok bitches, pay back:

what is this? so what, they're rioting for their health? these slums exists despite main stream society's willingness to accept and integrate various cultures/people into their own?

this is something i actually have first hand experience with - namely: borney (en masse!) borney was the slums that were catycorner to the insanely rich technopole in which i lived. but GOD FORBID i cross the street as people there frequently told me... because "those type of people" live there. or the "others" arent safe to be around.

sounds pretty non-racist to me.

in conclusion - americans have come a long way over the past 60 years... yeah, there're still racists out there but you bitches can get off your high "we're culturally superior" kick because... your not!

and jesus christ this has been going on for like 10 days now - in your capital! - whats the deal?


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