Sunday, April 02, 2006

after glow worms...

what did ever happened to my glow warms?

anyway, i just returned from a weekend getaway at my good old alma mater (you know, the one that counts....), which was absolutely fabulous. i would post pictures, but i forgot my camera... so everyone just imagine rolling tree-covered hills and crazy townies... also sticky buns

anyway, good news everybody! i got a new job! well - 1) i already knew about it and 2) im going to be doing it along with working at booz allen....

whats this new job you ask? im going to be an art history professor! je suis le plus best! the break-down is im teaching art history courses online fora university de pittsburgh... what i found out this weekend is the classes i will be teaching over the next academic year:

Art Appreciation
History of Art in Early Civilization
Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art
History of Popular Culture
American Art History
Post-Modern Queer Visual Theory on Feminist Thought

just kidding! well on the last one at least, i dont think i could ever - or should ever teach feminist anything - the others all focus on modern art, so im going to have to hit the books i think... alyssa what was the name of that woman with a squirrel (read: scroll)? you know what im talkin' 'bout.

and naturally - happy birthday linda!


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