Monday, May 01, 2006

750 pounds of chocolate babka...

so i was watching a show about a 750 pound man tonight (why do they always have these things on when you're working out by the way?) and my blood was boiling like it was going out of style:

why? you ask... ill tell you why!

he's morbidly obese, doing nothing about it and pawning the blame off to god. he waited SEVEN years to check into a nursing home for fatties (surprisingly located in ohio), then his wife sends him an insane amound of junk food and he bitches about having to eat a salad. THEN he turns around and says something to the affect of 'i don't want to die but there really isn't anything i can do about it - if god will take me, then i cant say otherwise'

maybe - but you dont have to weigh 750 pounds and STILL snarf down burgers. STOP EATING! and let the professionals help! You are surrounded by other people getting help, so can you!

It bothers me when people surrender outright control of their lives to something 'beyond their control'- especially to god. yes, if god wants you dead there probably isnt much you can do about it. but for fucks sake he isnt tieing you down and shoving five guys, burgers and fries down your goddamn pie-hole.

this is much like that AA meeting i sat in on with katia in college (no we weren't drunks, we were trying to help people) and i was impressed these people were doing something about their problems, but it bordered on cultish the amount of props they gave to a higher power for fixing their lives...

have some self-respect and learn some self-empowerment people! if god wanted to tell us what to do, we would wake up every morning to find a chinese fortune cookie on our doorstep telling us to binge eat a 24 pack of peeps - or dump your boyfriend youre using because he lives in reston near where you work and you live in arlington...

AND taking your child (read: monster) to work and dumping them with a company paid day care worker that shows them how to spin dishes on sticks is NOT taking your child to work with you.

i can still hear the screaming.

sorry about the bitch session but i needed to blow off steam. meanwhile, im headed to NYC on Friday for missy's wedding! Very excited! And, time permitting, i will be able to fit in at least 786 trips to Zabars...

because god wants me to go... naturally.

expect pictures.


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