Thursday, May 18, 2006


most of you passed through yesterday completely unaware of whats actually going down - but im gonna feed ya what ya preachah need to teach ya

in a months time, im moving in to my very own place! 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath (note: 1/2 bathroom is secretly going to be my study/england room/vanity/coin vault ala scrooge mcduck/24 hour foam party... in where else but west falls church (think "west. end. girls...") or to my friend in the city - east falls church. but why would i slum it like that, west falls church is technically where ill live and it technically has more money than god running through its veins... this aint no seven corners!

anyway, i know this is by no means my first place but how excited am i?! finally i will accmplish one of my greatest life goals - my very own queen size bed!

for pictures of my new digs, check THIS out!!!

im the one on the balcony.

but seriously, i have been OBSESSIVELY watching this trailor ever since i saw it in the coming attractions at Art School Confidential.

WHY is it SOOOO good? its because somebody who is pure genius took one of my favorite new order songs and put it over fabulous shots of a historical figure i never understood or would eat cake over. but now, after seeing kirsten dunst trying to run in a corset to age of consent, i finally understand marie antoinettes pain. she was just an uber rich offshoot of emperess maria theresa who's massive wealth provided her with no emotional fulfillment in her relationship.

cant you tell by the champaign pyramid and the fops in powdered wigs and tri-corner hats running down garden steps?

appelle moi mattoinette... as im in love


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